Ryan Groshong


Ryan has been a trainer and business owner of RG Fitness, LLC, in the Flathead Valley since 2012. His love for people and attention to detail, has gained him a great reputation among his peers and clients. In 2017, he established Engage Fitness with a desire to help people along their fitness journey. As a former “chunky” kid, he has experienced all of the ups and downs of trying to live a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Through hard work and a little discipline, he has been able to live a strong, healthy and productive life. “I love people, and want to give people hope!” This is clearly evident in his attitude in and out of the gym. ​Ryan and his wife, along with their two kids, spend their time playing in the sun, and enjoying the great opportunities of living in Montana.

Debbie Goodwin


Hi. I’m Debbie, and I’m a fitness enthusiast. I grew up in Livingston, Montana practicing taekwondo, and playing volleyball, but was only a mediocre athlete. When I was 16, my mom got me a gym membership, and that’s when I fell in love with Zumba. Once I graduated, I no longer had a gym membership and took a couple years off from the gym. ​ After my son was born, I got back into the gym for mental health. I was the queen of cardio.

I would go to the gym late at night for fear of judgment. After gaining confidence, I started going to group fitness classes, and started building muscle. I was short of obsessed. After a couple months of taking group fitness classes, I was invited by the group fitness coordinator to instruct Zumba. The closest place to get licensed was Portland, Oregon. I took the plunge. ​ I remember the feeling teaching my first Zumba class gave me. It was so empowering to help people, and to make their day a little bit better. I wanted to make fitness my career. A couple months after I started teaching Zumba, I got certified as a personal trainer. I have found my purpose in helping people on the preventive side of medicine. I am excited to see what the future holds for my fitness journey and helping people live a better life.

Laura Skaro


I am Laura and I have a passion for everything fitness. I grew up in Kalispell and played competitive soccer throughout high school and college which established my love for exercise. During college in Bozeman, I also fell in love with the outdoors. I started trail and mountain running about 20 years ago and love to compete in events during the summer. I knew the importance of strength training as well and would frequent classes at a local gym 2-3 times a week.

I became a mom in 2012 and now have 2 younger children and after staying home with them and quitting a corporate job, I decided to pursue something I was passionate about. I studied to become a personal trainer. I was in Durango, CO at the time and the local gym knew me as an avid participant so they hired me on. I taught HIIT (high intensity interval training), senior fitness, and did one on one training. ​ I am back in the valley as of June 2021 and am excited to be training and exploring here again. When I am not teaching fitness classes or training clients, you can find me off in the mountains trail running or hiking! I hope I can share my passion for movement with you!

Will Corbett


Will found a passion for health and fitness through his aspirations to be a stronger athlete and more confident person. Always being a taller kid, it was a challenge to fill out a frame he could be proud of. Being 6ft tall and 125 pounds at 16 years old, he wanted to make a change.

Through years of trial and error, on and off injuries, and trying every diet under the sun, he developed a passion for evidence-based practice and maximum efficiency in his own fitness journey. In the summer of 2020 at 18 years old, Will became a personal trainer at a local gym that was needing trainers after quarantine had let up. The transition from being his own personal trainer to having the responsibility and opportunity to help others through their fitness journey was the most eye opening experience of his life. Given the chance to guide people of all walks of life, evidence-based guidance through their fitness journey is his dream come true. There is so much misinformation and misconceptions in the world of fitness, and Will’s passion is being a vessel of high quality information, instruction and guidance through the confusion. Hopefully he can be that for you!

Tami Nail


Meet Tami, a compassionate individual driven by a deep passion for helping others through fitness. For over 30 years, she has called Montana home, raising her children in the Flathead Valley. Now, as a proud grandmother of four energetic grandchildren, Tami finds joy in dedicating more time to the world of fitness. Certified in Zumba, Barre, and Group Fitness, she firmly believes that achieving a balanced lifestyle is best done together.
Tami’s own struggles with weight management have inspired her to share her story and support others on their path to finding equilibrium. She believes that fitness is truly better when pursued as a collective endeavor.


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